The Knowledge Keepers

The Story


The Unesco recognition aims at increasing protection of mountain pastures and their architects: bergamins, herdsmen, shepherds and cheesemakers. The aim is to collect and save the traditional techniques and sustainable technologies used by ancient cultures, encouraging individual communities to contribute to the preservation of historical knowledge. A real opportunity to promote all the excellent food products typical of the area.

The builders of the landscape have created milk, butter and cheese workshops over time. In the malga, the future has become sustainable, thanks to those who have preserved ancient traditions by transferring them into the hands of the future. Faces marked by time and custodians of traditions dialogue with the youthful gazes of those who look to the possible future, entrusting them with the legacy of a reality as ancient as it is purposeful. A return of man to nature in total harmony. The generational transition can be felt in the sequence of gestures of the dairy traditions, gestures that are timeless and which, due to their meticulousness, persist, showing all their elegance in the effort.
That of the new Bergamini is a journey, which with ecological consciousness starts from globalisation and arrives at localisation, supporting a lasting development of this territory.
Their gestures have created rhythms for a spontaneous design even in the tools of the art of cheese-making and in the textures of a noble stracchino, all in an exemplary modus vivendi that exudes hard work and passion.