Bergamo Cheese Valley

UNESCO Creative Cities Network 2019

City of Bergamo

Bergamo is an enchanting city with an original structure on two levels, Città Alta and Città Bassa. The ancient city, Città Alta, softly nestled on the hills and bounded by the imposing city walls entered in the UNESCO heritage in 2017, is the green setting of Città Bassa, the beating heart of the Bergamo trade, which is also rich in charm, art and history. The modern city, dynamic and constantly evolving, surprises with squares and historic buildings often animated by a succession of initiatives of significant interest for citizens and tourists. In addition to artistic and museum beauties, events and landscapes, Bergamo offers a gastronomic heritage rich in traditional products, including great cheeses, which have always represented a strong link between the city and its valleys.

The cradle of dairy art

Cheeses’ valleys

Bergamo is the only Italian and European province with 9 D.O.P. dairy. No other such limited area has given birth to such a variety of forms, maturing and types of cheese.

A unique territory


Culture, tourism, food and wine, food chain and businesses.

All involved realities

The candidacy

The candidacy of Bergamo and Cheese Valleys to UNESCO Creative City was requested by the mayor of the city, Giorgio Gori, and by the requests of the various territories of Cheese Valleys, a cooperation network between institutions, associations and companies in the provinces of Bergamo, Sondrio and Lecco