The protagonists

The others

Alpine pastures are a form of  art that nurtures a soil so fertile that it creates a delicate balance called biodiversity.

That is why the stories in this tale intertwine and are enriched by other characters: beekeepers pamper their bees with rare flowers; aromatic herbs dot the meadows, inebriating the air with their perfume. Corn is revealed in its multicoloured faces, while the wheels of mills mark the hours of a time that has never stopped.

They are guardians of the treasures of a privileged land, that of Bergamo, made up of those who knew how to inhabit and build it, showing that love that allows this heritage to be kept alive, handing it down to future generations.

It is still the beginning of a great story!

The element of biodiversity has generated, in the Bergamo area, the possibility of productions alongside the art of cheese-making.

Recognised productions of excellence have been certified to give continuity to their originality.