Principi delle Orobie Cheeses

Blasoned cheeses of the Orobics


The Association Formaggi Principi delle Orobie was established in 2015 after an incubation period in the ambit of the San Matteo Fair in Branzi, in order to better promote the seven products of documented historical importance in the provinces of Bergamo, Sondrio and Lecco in the Orobics, as well as the cultural, environmental and human resources which these cheeses express.

Agrì di Valtorta

Slow Food Presidium

Formaggio Tipico di Branzi

Exclusive Selection O.B.

Formaggi di Capra Orobica

Slow Food Presidium

Formai de Mut

Of the Upper Brembana Valley D.O.P.

Storico Ribelle

Slow Food Presidium

Stracchino all’Antica delle Valli Orobiche

Slow Food Presidium

Strachítunt DOP